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Infant and Toddler Care [6 weeks – 36 Months]

All parents want to spend time with their children, but reality demands that parents provide for their families. Hiring a nanny is often a hit-or-miss activity, and you do not want to gamble with your child. 

That is why there is a pressing need for high-quality infant and toddler care in Wickliffe, OH.

Criteria For The Best Infant And Toddler Care Center In Wickliffe, Ohio

The first criteria are the child’s age. An infant is more delicate than a toddler, more often than not. For an infant, the care academy has to be within a short drive. 

You want the child either close to your workplace so you can drop and pick them up or close home. If the Wickliffe Oh daycare center is away from those two locations, you might want to reconsider. 

Map data will help you determine what daycare center is closest to your location. Using map data, you will also determine which centers are on your most convenient routes; ideally, you will want a childcare facility on your daily driving roads.

The next criteria are programs available. Toddlers need to start getting preschool childcare, while infants need their special care programs. A daycare academy that best first your child’s needs will have a brochure with the full-time and part-time care activities. 

A good Wickliffe Oh daycare option will have age-appropriate facilities and qualified service providers.

The third criterion is the families bringing their kids to the daycare. You want your child to be among children that will influence him or her positively. 

It pays to see what kind of clientele the Wickliffe Oh center attracts before committing your child to the academy. Children, just like adults, are highly receptive to peer influence.

Wickliffe Academy Daycare Services

For infants and toddlers, the curriculum is aimed at preschool care. The intention is to help the child develop an interest in learning, mainly informally. 

With infants and toddlers, Wickliffe Academy is more often than not preparing them for the year so education to come. To make that preparation efficient, the child is offered help and challenges to encourage their cognitive growth.

Families will also find that the best daycare facilities provide fun services for the children. Infants and toddlers develop through, among other activities, play.

For example, the pay activities for an infant are different from that of a 12 years old child. Age-appropriate play activities at child care centers vary; the parent needs to search through options to determine which child care facilities are most likely to have the suitable activities for their infant or toddler.

Choosing The Best Wickliffe Daycare Center

Select a Wickliffe Oh facility that was easy to find when you were searching. That means that it is a center that cares enough to want to be found. If they care about their business, they most likely will care about your child.

Select a child care facility that opens early, in the event you need to be somewhere before and need to drop off the child. Again, when searching, look at the official opening hours in the search results.

The third tip is to find a facility that is near you. There is a temptation to find a care center with a school because, more often than not, development is associated with education. 

We recommend that you prioritize ease of access, such as how near the child care center is or how responsive the staff is to your phone calls, before selecting a facility that has a school.

You also need to conduct your search for a Wickliffe Oh childcare provider early, preferably before the child is born. That way, you will search without the child’s pressure needing urgent admission to a childcare Wickliffe Oh facility.

Why Choose Us?

The academy gladly accepts infants beginning at age 6 weeks. Our goal is to provide a secure, loving, and stimulating environment. Each day you will receive a “daily sheet” that describes what kind of day your child had. 

In addition, our teachers use an age-appropriate version of The Creative Curriculum for infants and toddlers. 

It is also based on scientific research and helps teachers and caregivers implement developmentally appropriate practices and offer responsive daily routines and meaningful experiences that nurture learning and development for infants and toddlers.

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