Pre-School Academic Enrichment

Not all childcare centers can offer a program that provides this range of learning opportunities, but our education programs can. Our highly trained teachers use creative, evidence-based lesson plans to teach and enrich your little one’s educational experience. 

This learning system incorporates multiple learning tools into a program that aligns with federal and state guidelines for learning. That means our Wickliffe OH pre-school program is guaranteed to set your child up for success later in life.

The Learning Environment

At three or four years old, children are still learning to understand their own emotions, relate to people, and communicate, all on a basic level. This means they need a classroom environment that does more than serve as a place to receive lectures or take tests. 

To provide young children with a fun and comfortable learning experience, we’ve put quite a bit of thought into how to furnish and organize our pre-school space. A child needs a positive learning environment. This is no less true at the ages of three and four years old.

Don’t hesitate to contact Wickliffe Academy for more information on our pre-school program, activities, classroom, or certification. We pride ourselves on giving students the best learning environment available in or near Wickliffe. Our pre-school is a rich environment designed to promote play and positive social interaction. 

This is the sort of enrichment that social-emotional learning experts recommend. We think your child will also approve. Many child care centers won’t be able to offer this.

You’ll see Wickliffe Academy’s core values incorporated into classrooms and instruction. Feel free to ask for more information on how our child care philosophy supports development at all ages. We are child care centers, not just schools.

The Wickliffe Academy Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum for Preschool is an award-winning program for pre-school success. The lessons are fully aligned with Ohio state early learning standards and with Head Start standards.

Using exploration and discovery to learn, children can develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. The Preschool version of this learning program addresses all the important areas of learning, from social-emotional and math to technology and the arts. It incorporates them throughout every part of every day.

Teacher-led small group and large group activities that contribute to a child’s development in 11 areas. Those learning areas include blocks, dramatic play, arts and crafts, discovery, sand play, music and movement, cooking, computers, and outdoor activities.We cover math, literacy, social-emotional, and physical learning. Ask for more information if you’d like to go beyond the summary offered here. Social-emotional learning is all about learning to recognize your own emotions and form good relationships with others. 

Good social-emotional development is evident in children who:

  • Know how to recognize and label their own emotions
  • Listen and follow directions
  • Show care for others
  • Form relationships with teachers and students
  • Manage emotions
  • Stay generally positive
  • Show interest in others
  • Express their wishes and preferences clearly

Quality programs expose a child to exercises that add to their social-emotional development. Teaching colors and numbers isn’t enough. Learning has to be fun at this age, so at our child care center, teachers try hard to make Wickliffe a play academy that doubles as a learning academy.

All children need to develop in those ways before they begin grade school. The lessons make sure those learning goals are met under the supervision of staff and teachers who care about getting your child ready for school.

Feel free to call and ask our daycare centers that use this innovative system with our pre-school programs. Wickliffe teachers use checklists for their reference and to write parent reports. Interested parents can learn what our teachers record and how they use the program with each child.

Parent Reports

Good child care takes a team. The best early childhood education combines input from families, schools, and community groups, so this is how we operate at Wickliffe. If you have a child ready for some pre-school education in the Wickliffe, OH area, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Not all pre-schools offer detailed parent reporting.

With these reports, you’ll be confident that your child is ready for pre-school, then Wickliffe Elementary school, or wherever they go next. Don’t forget to ask for more information on the learning reports we provide to parents. All good learning centers are partners in child care and learning, so go with a provider who approaches child care.

Step Up to Quality in Wickliffe, OH

Stop looking for a quality pre-school program in Wickliffe, OH. Families around north Ohio have fallen in love with Wickliffe’s award-winning program, recognized by the Ohio Department of Education. We’ve been in the child care business for a long time. 

Our staff members always strive to provide a great environment for early childhood development. And, if your child is not at the right age for this program, we have other programs for children as young as six weeks.

Wickliffe Academy

Wickliffe Academy is a 5-star, high quality, full service child care center serving ages 6-weeks to 12-years old. Locally owned and operated!

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