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Importance of early childhood education program

The first 5 years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out.” – Bill Gates.

Early childhood education does not only prepare the child for education within the confines of the school but also prepares them for education in every other aspect of life, including social and emotional aspects.

The first five years of a child’s life is when they pick up most of the habits they grow with. This is why parents should be careful and attentive to how they manage this phase.

Are early childhood education programs important? Do you need to take your toddler to a child development centers? Is it important what they learn at this stage? Well, this article will show you why an early childhood education program is important for every child.

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What is early childhood education and how early is early enough?

According to governmental education bodies and some experts, early childhood education starts from the stage of infancy up to the kindergarten level.

However, young children beyond the age of 5 and up to the age of 8 are also in the stage of development and need the same level of attention.

During this period, the child forms a bond/partnership with the parents, teacher, and fellow students, helping them learn critical emotional and social skills.

This is why every parent must, at this level, take conscious steps to decide which institution is best to help raise their child.

A study carried out during the Abecedarian project from 1972 through 1977 revealed a telling difference between infants who had early childhood education and those who didn’t.

Amongst many other revelations, the study showed that children who had childhood education:

  • Were more interested in higher education and went through with it to end with a degree
  • Had a higher IQ by the age of 15
  • Were less frequently placed in special schools
  • Had higher scores in math and reading exercises.
  • We’re able to complete difficult tasks, courses, and more.

Check out this post to find more resources on the Abecedarian project and other more complete and related resources and research programs that show the importance of early education.

Early education programs play a vital role in helping to develop the brain and mental capacity of the students and as such must be a priority to every parent and a necessity for all young students.

Why early childhood education matters for every child—the importance

The importance of an early childhood education or school cannot be overemphasized and cuts across every stage of human and child development.

Below are a few of the most important reasons why you should school every student from infancy:

1. Developing solid emotional and social skills

Children pick up habits from tender ages and live through adulthood with most of them. With an early childhood education program and curriculum, you can be sure that your child is picking up the best social and emotional skills.

Kids who go through this program get to mingle with their peers and tutors and form social and emotional relationships with them. This helps them to properly interact with people of the same age or older.

2. Building interest in education

To learn is one thing. To be interested in learning and everything that comes with it is another—and the most crucial. Children who have early childhood education are taken through a creative curriculum that helps them see the fun in learning.

This helps them to become more interested in learning new things and developing their brain and mind. In colleges, they’ll find more ease coping in some of the toughest classes.

3. Helping to improve focus and concentration

Teaching toddlers can be difficult because, at this stage, concentration is difficult to maintain. Teachers in these programs are well trained in child development.

At Wickliffe, our tutors will help your child develop healthy focus and concentration on schoolwork, classes in school, and other aspects of life.

With the employment of a creative curriculum and developmental milestones, every student will master the art of giving unwavering attention to academics.

4. Exploring and developing mental capacity

Learning is the only way to expand the brain. From infancy to adulthood and seven till death, the human mind is constantly learning. However, one telling question is whether we’re constantly learning the things that we should.

Kids surrounded by huge or small families will learn everything. But in child development centers, learning will be controlled and kids will only learn courses that help with quick and effective brain development.

5. Helping to create a better society

From all that has been listed above about the importance of early childhood education, you can see that the program will have a telling positive effect on society.

Education shapes the human. But education from birth shapes society. Asides from this, these programs create employment opportunities for tutors, thereby keeping the society growing.

6. Makes it easier for teachers to carry students along at older ages

Teaching courses in higher institutions to kids who went through early childhood education programs will be a lot easier. This is because the program creates a matchless degree of academic interest in the child from childhood.

Children that go through and complete the early childhood program will also find choosing a career path easier after graduation. Employment and career decisions are never an issue.

Enroll your child in the best child development center and help shape their future

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There’s no better way to start teaching your toddler than to enroll them in an early childhood education program. At the Wickliffe Child Development Center, we don’t only support the child, we are also involved in family well-being.

Certain values are expected of child development centers and at Wickliffe, these values are exactly what our vision statement denotes. We value:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Quality and excellence

With these values, we match the core beliefs of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, which include transparency, excellence & innovation, reflection, and more.

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Early childhood education programs are essential to the future of any child and must be given the right attention. The benefits are too numerous to mention and it is only after you take your child to join one that you will see the difference.

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