Finding The Best Child Care Facilities

Your child deserves growth both in their social life and their academic life. The world today demands that children be masters of who they are. Often we have found that the parent’s and teacher’s role is to guide the child on the child’s journey to discover who they are. 

We are convinced that children can already develop into successful adults, but that will not happen without significant parental input.

The reality of modern life is that there is too much demand on a parent’s time and energy. You might want to be involved in all your children’s preschool and after-school activities, but chances are your time and energy will not suffice.

That is why after-school care facilities are important. A good after-school care facility recognizes that it is a developmental continuity center; children come there not to learn afresh but to discover what they can excel at. 

In Wickliffe Oh, there are many after-school care centers, but only a handful truly understands and embodies the true principles and spirit of letting the child grow.

At our facility, we insist that freedom is a tool. Let the child lead you to what they need help in. As our multiple staff members remark often, children have a locus. They have a rudder. 

You only need to help power their ship and equip it with the right inputs. When you understand that the children lead the process, you begin to appreciate the delicate role of an after-school care facility.

Even after school’s out for the day, children need to be engaged in a comfortable yet stimulating child care environment. That’s what you will find at Wickliffe Academy.

Activities For After School Care In Wickliffe, Ohio

There are multiple activities available at Wickliffe Oh preschool or after-school care centers. The parent can help pick the activities that a child is most likely to engage with for growth and fun because the parents know the child the best.

That stated, there are useful guidelines that we use to help the parent choose. One of the guidelines is the child’s age. Children ages 12 years will not engage in the same activities that children aged 5 years engage in.

We also use the duration of care as another guiding factor. A child who will be at the facility for weeks will not have the same activities as a child who is only at the Wickliffe Oh care facility for days.

Another factor is the child’s schedule. Suppose there are school activities. The preschool or after-school care center tries to accommodate that because we want to avoid overwhelming the child or burning them out. The parents’ schedule is also important. 

If the child gets dropped and picked up at the Wickliffe Oh preschool or after-school care facility daily, he or she will not have the same activities roster as a child who is in for a summer camp, for example.

Options For Children In Wickliffe, OH

The two main options for the parent to choose from are preschool care or after-school care. Preschool Wickliffe Oh care is mainly suited to young children who are either yet to go to school or break from school. The play activities service here is primarily geared towards challenging the child to find their best ways to learn.

The options depend on the duration the child spends at the Wickliffe Oh care center for the after-school option. Children who come from school into the facility are likely to be exhausted and tend to engage more in playful than intense mental activities. 

Children who come from school into the facility for a summer camp, for example, will engage in more engaging play and quality learning activities.

Choosing The Right After School Care Facility

A general guide is to find the center that provides the highest quality of care at your price point. The best facilities will allow you to address your child’s most important needs. 

It’s time your child stepped away from the phone or iPad and engaged in some real quality child care.

In Wickliffe, OH, there aren’t too many facilities that offer our level of child care.

Our before- and after-school child care program allows kindergarten and school-age children to balance learning and fun through various experiences. 

From homework help to fun physical activities, our early education program is designed so that everyone goes home happy.

Everything we do is designed for learning. Summer Camp and out-of-school time programs are available too.

Please call the center at 440-585-2223 for more information on the activities planned and enrolment availability.